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Building Inspections

Building Inspections Delivered the Next Day

Being qualified builders and knowing the construction of buildings from finishing through to structural elements, we can provide you, your bank and insurance company with a detailed pre-purchase inspection which will note any issues down to paint chips, leaky taps, marks on the carpet or any earthquake damage.

We can also offer a building damage report which outlines earthquake damage, often required for re-insurance purposes. This report includes sub floor, roof space, interior and exterior finishing through to site and visual land issues.  It will note what has been eaffected or damaged and method of repair it.

Get in contact with us if you require and building inspection for either pre-purchase or earthquake damage and we can talk you through the inspections and costs associated.



Mark and I would like to put on record as being more than happy with all workers that were involved in repairing our house and wanted to praise the abilities and pleasant manner of Chris Sinclair of Sinclair Builders.

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